Staff Responsibilities















DEAN  [Back top]

– Convene and preside over the Faculty Council meetings;

– Direct, coordinate and supervise the activities of the FADIR Law School;

– Oversee the trustworthy implementation of the FADIR Statute;

– Coordinate the academic and administrative activities of FADIR;

– Oversee the information held in the Academic Control System;

– Exercise disciplinary action within FADIR according to the UFMS Disciplinary Regime;

– Coordinate the preparation of the training plan of the FADIR staff, subject to the guidelines and priorities set in the Institutional Development Plan, forwarding it to the Faculty Council;

– Coordinate and approve the vacation plan of the FADIR personnel;

– Have a say in cases relating to the relocation of teachers and technical and administrative staff in education;

– Determine to open an inquiry and, where necessary, suggest administrative disciplinary proceedings to the University President;

– Sign normative acts within the limits of FADIR jurisdiction;

– Constitute committee for standardization and monitoring of consultation and elections within jurisdiction;

– Have a say on the relocation of staff from FADIR;

– Have a say on the implementation of personnel management policy;

– Submit to the competent University departments bids for agreements, contracts and other legal instruments of the same nature;

– Forward to the University President reports with the results of the programs and the actions within FADIR competence, whenever requested;

– Submit bids to the Faculty for educational, research and extension action projects as part the FADIR plans for teaching, research and extension;

– Appoint teachers for guidance and mentoring of undergraduate students when the form of designation is not provided for in the specific program rules;

– Direct the activities of the FADIR staff, promoting the delivery of the obligations pertaining to each person;

– Ensure the safekeeping and preservation of equipment and permanent materials under their responsibility;

– Prepare for submission to the FADIR Faculty Council its infrastructure management plan, which shall include the proposed use, expansion and maintenance of the physical space and the proposed use, acquisition and maintenance of materials and equipments; and

– Oversee the information in relation to teaching, research, extension and provision of services developed by the FADIR Faculty.


Prof. Ynes da Silva Félix


– Devanildo Braz da Silva

-Sandro Fabian Francilio Dornelles 




DEAN OF STUDENTS   [Back to top]

– Prepare the necessary studies for compatibility of programs, working hours and teaching plans of the curriculum, according to the teaching project of the program;

– Forward to UFMS the program demands;

– Monitor the implementation of the teaching project;

– Guide and support students;

– Track the students’ performance, forwarding the report to the Board of Overseers;

– Advise UFMS and FADIR on academic affairs;

– Coordinate the enrollment of students;

– Advise the UFMS departments that offer courses to the program, as well as their teachers, on the implementation of the education program of the course and other rules issued by the FADIR Board of Overseers; and

– Oversee the information held in the Academic Control System.

Dean of Students:

Prof. Luciane Gregio Soares Linjardi



– Advise and collaborate with FADIR in the planning, implementation and coordination of administrative management activities;

– Propose rules and actions for the integration between the management of the student information system and the administrative management within FADIR;

– Collaborate in the development of infrastructure management plan of FADIR which shall include the proposed use, expansion and maintenance of the facilities and the proposed use, acquisition and maintenance of materials and equipment;

– Propose the creation of working groups and committees for development activities within FADIR; and

– Perform the asset tracking of FADIR.


Andréia Gomes Gusman

Daniel Clementino Herculano






– Control and perform the activities of administrative support for the operation of the FADIR offices;

– Organize and perform all the necessary administrative procedures for the meetings of the FADIR Board of Overseers;

– Arrange for the publication of the acts approved in the meetings of the FADIR Board of Overseers;

– Collaborate in the setting of the academic calendar and room allocation;

– Assist in the launch of the program of study listed on the Academic Control System;

– Guide the Dean of Student on the selection of candidates for mentoring;

– Develop other activities required by their office.


Claudia Cristina Melo Paim

Danilo Vegini de Matos


REGISTRAR    [Back to top]

– Control and meet the date limits set in the academic calendar;

– Set the number of places to be offered in the programs and forward them to UFMS for conference and publicizing;

– Provide the materials necessary to the operation of the office activities;

– Perform the procedures regarding the registration of students;

– Guide, control and check the registration of students, depending on the call reports and number of places being offered;

– Facilitate the release of the courses in the academic system;

– Publicize the lists of students whose registrations have been rejected;

– Guide, advise and accompany the students in their requests to relocate, suspend enrollment and validate previous studies and other requests;

– Collaborate with the Dean of Students and the Dean of Academic Affairs regarding the requests of course validation and others;

– Receive and forward to the Dean of Students the student applications for curriculum analysis;

– Guide and control the receipt of the course validation requests, observing the date limits;

– Forward to the Dean of Students the student requests to relocate or any other requests to be dealt with;

– Update the student transcript after the course validation is approved by the Council;

– Perform the issuing and updating of transcripts;

– Guide and inform the students about their curriculum progression;

– Monitor the updating of the programs and/or course syllabus taught in FADIR;

– Prepare the documentation for the graduation ceremony;

– Manage the certificate registration documents and forward them to UFMS;

– Forward the documents of course validation of the entering students to the Dean of Students;

– Issue reports, certificates and transcripts requested by students;

– Carry out other similar activities.


Eufrásio Pereira Feitosa

Camila Rondon Lamounier

Rafael Cogo



– Propose the criteria for the application to the places offered in the clinics;

– Nominate the instructors and supervisors of the clinical activities;

– Present the projects of interdisciplinary work to be developed by the clinics;

– Propose regulation and application rules to free legal services offered by FADIR;

– Collaborate in bringing research, teaching or extension projects that may be developed in the clinics;

– Propose the criteria for designing the forms required for the functioning of the clinics;

– Oversee all training activities, in accordance with the regulations and legislation;

– Provide consultancy on any training agreements proposed to UFMS;

– Sign the correspondence, certificates and declarations and issue orders in the cases dealt with by the clinics;

– Approve the members to each team and set the time shifts of all clinic trainees;

– Set the time shifts of instructors and supervisors, and oversee the completion of activities;

– Set vacation shifts, in order not to miss any hearings, if necessary;

– Prepare management reports; and

– Carry out other activities within its area of operation.

– Section of Student Support and Community Reception – SEAA –

It is responsible for serving, monitoring and carrying out activities with the students and the community.

– Support students in internship;

– Carry out the community service in accordance with the services offered by the clinics;

– Have a say in setting standards and rules for the free legal assistance offered by FADIR;

– Supervise internship activities, in accordance with the regulations and legislation;

– Have a say in the approval of internship reports after due examination and assessment by mentor teachers and supervisors;

– Propose the team formation and schedule for the clinics;

– Assist in the schedule of vacation shifts in order not to miss any hearings, if necessary;

– Prepare management reports;

– Carry out other activities within its area of operation.


Aurélio Tomaz da Silva Briltes  


– Section of External Relations of the Clinics – SERJ –

It is responsible for implementation and monitoring of activities related to the communication between the clinics and other public or private institutions.

– Monitor internship in conjunction with the Internship Commission – COE;

– Provide information on the clinics activities to the teachers who seek it;

– Seek information and publicize internship opportunities;

– Seek public or private partners with common interest to the FADIR Law Degree to establish agreements and conventions, in order to promote the services of the clinics, through internships and/or other practical activities;

– Expand service to the external community through institutional partnerships;

– Have a say in proposing standards and compliance rules on the free legal assistance offered by FADIR;

– Have a say in the approval and authorization to carry out internship with external programs for students;

– Prepare management reports;

– Carry out other activities within its area of operation.


Elisaneth Inácia Ferreira de Araujo

Tarsis Witley de Almeida Arruda