The CCHS School of Law (day program) was established by Resolution No. 60, COUN, of 22.12.1995, and founded in the first half of 1996. The evening program, in turn, was created by Resolution 10 *, COUN, of 03.05.2001, and implemented in the second half of 2001.

The School of Law was recognized by MEC Ordinance No. 436 of 15.02.2002.

The day Law Program began with 45 places, which was later expanded to fifty, and since the year 2000 sixty places have been offered. The evening Law Program CCHS began with sixty places and so continues to date. Therefore, at present, the FADIR Law program, as a whole, offers a total of 120 places.

In 2002, the program went through the evaluation of its Program Offering Conditions, obtaining the following rates for each evaluation item: a) FACULTY: “Good”; b) DIDACTIC-PEDAGOGICAL ORGANIZATION: “Good”; c) FACILITIES: “Fair”.

In the assessment of the National Examination of Programs (ENC) in 2000, 2001 and 2002, the program received for three consecutive years the rate “A”.

In the National Survey of Student Performance (ENADE 2006) the program was graded as follows: a) ENADE: 5; and b) IDD: 4.

In the National Survey of Student Performance (ENADE 2009) the program was graded as follows: a) ENADE: 5; b) IDD: 4.

FADIR Law School, was created through Resolution No. 99/2008 of the University Council (COUN) of 10/11/2008, published in the BS No. 4447 of 21/11/2008 and implemented through Resolution No. 69/2009 of the University Council (COUN), published in BS No. 4660 of 09/10/2009, has its organization and operation established by Federal Law, by the Statute of UFMS, by the General Regulations of UFMS, by resolutions of the Superior UFMS Councils and its Bylaws, with the following organizational structure: I- Registrar’s Office; and II- Department of Public, International and Private Law. The Resolution was approved by COUN by Resolution No. 85 of December 7, 2009.