Faculty Council

The responsibilities of the FADIR Faculty Council are:

– decide on the use of budget allocation of FADIR Law School, based on their plans and programs, policy guidelines and priorities established in the Institutional Development Plan;

– decide on the educational projects of the programs;

– decide on rules and actions necessary for the integration of the Board of Overseers;

– provide consultancy for the University President on:

  1. a) staff extended sick leave, when over thirty days is required;
  2. b) staff permanent and temporary relocation, swap of teaching and office personnel; and
  3. c) creation of study programs in FADIR Law School;

– decide in the first instance, on the proposed reformulation, termination, revocation or temporary suspension of any study program or degree being offered;

– decide in the first instance on the training plan of the FADIR staff, based on proposals made by the Dean, subject to the guidelines and priorities set in the Institutional Development Plan, forwarding it to the Prorectors involved;

– approve the FADIR program of study to be offered;

– decide, every semester, on the assignment of FADIR teachers for teaching, research and extension, to other UFMS departments;

– propose to Prorectors the rules for setting and operating programs of study;

– decide to appeal against decisions of the Board of Overseers;

– decide on the distribution of teachers schedules, corresponding to their contractual working hours;

– decide on the hiring of temporary teachers for FADIR;

– decide on the participation of professionals who are not part of the regular staff in academic and administrative activities in FADIR;

– set up committees to study issues affecting FADIR;

– have a say on educational, research and extension projects;

– have a say upon request by the Prorectors on issues relating to enrollment, relocation, eligibility to study and the validation of previous studies;

– collaborate in the development of the Regiments of FADIR and its Board of Overseers;

– publicize the agenda of its meetings and its decisions;

– suggest to the competent UFMS authority the dismissal of the Dean; and

– create commissions to study issues related to education, research and extension.


Current Members:

Ynes da Silva Félix – Chair

Andreia Gomes Gusman

Luciane Gregio Soares Linjardi

Aurelio Tomaz da Silva Briltez

Nilton César Antunes da Costa

Carlos Martins de Almeida Prado

Walter Gomes de Sousa

Luciani Coimbra de Carvalho