FADIR Board of Overseers

The Board of Overseers, defined as an educational and scientific council, is responsible for supervising the educational activities of the program and guiding students regarding their effective integration at the community level and the performance of each of them in fulfilling their obligations. It consists of at least four and a maximum of six representatives of teachers and one student representative, appointed by the Students Union. It is a governing board chaired by the Dean of Students.


The Responsibilities of the FADIR Board of Overseers are:

– Ensure that there is consistency between the didactic, pedagogical and academic activities of the program with the objectives and the professional profile defined in the pedagogical project of the program;

– Set the rules aimed at aligning the programs, workloads and teaching plans of the courses taking part of curriculum with the professional profile targeted by the program;

– Decide on the applications of course validation;

– Decide on the course readings set by the Dean of Students;

– Decide in the first instance, on the pedagogical project of the program;

– Manifest on the proposed course changes, deactivation, revocation or temporary suspension of programs or graduation; and decide in the first instance, on education and placement projects.

The Dean of Students is a member of the Board of Overseers, elected by their peers and by students enrolled in the program, subject to the teacher proportionality established by law, with two-year term, one reappointment being permitted for the same function.

The Dean of Students must be a teacher, preferably with the title of Master or PhD, with specific training in undergraduate or post-graduate studies, corresponding to the purposes and objectives of the program, with a permanent post at FADIR.


Current Members:

Luciane Gregio Soares Linjardi – President

Ana Paula Martins Amaral

Andréa Flores

Fernando Lopes Nogueira

Rejane Alves de Arruda

Sandro Rogério Monteiro de Oliveira.

Andreia Gusman