Faculty Advisory Board

According to COEG Resolution No. 167/2010, the Faculty Advisory Board (NDE) responsibilities are:

I – contribute to the consolidation of the professional profile of graduates of the course;

II – ensure the interdisciplinary curricular integration between the different teaching activities in the curriculum;

III – indicate ways of encouraging the development of lines of research and extension, derived from graduation requirements of the labor market demands and in tune with public policies regarding the area of knowledge of the program;

IV – ensure compliance with the National Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Courses.









The current members of FADIR Advisory Board are:


Luciane Gregio Soares Linjardi – Chair

Ana Paula Martins Amaral

André Puccinelli Júnior

Andréa Flores

Luciani Coimbra de Carvalho

Nilton César Antunes da Costa

Rejane Alves de Arruda

Sandro Rogério Monteiro de Oliveira.

Ynes da Silva Félix